Senior leadership team

Mike Hollings, Chief Executive

Mike has more than 30 years’ wide-ranging experience in the education sector, from teaching through to management, policy development and review.

He has been the Chief Executive of Te Kura since 2006. Prior to joining Te Kura, Mike was the National Manager Analysis and Policy at the Education Review Office with responsibility for evaluating the quality of education in New Zealand schools and was the acting Chief Executive between June 2005 and May 2006.

He was Chief Executive of Te Mangai Paho, the Māori Broadcasting Funding Agency from 1996 to 1999 and has held various senior management positions at Te Puni Kokiri, the Ministry of Māori Development.

His other education sector roles have included working as Manager of Planning and Development at Wairarapa Community Polytechnic, Manager of Policy Te Wāhanga Māori at the Ministry of Education and teaching at Waikato University and the Hamilton College of Education, where he lead the development of bilingual education programmes focusing on the revitalisation of the Māori language through education.

He is of Māori descent from the Ngati Raukawa tribe and in his home community has led the establishment of Te Kohanga Reo (early childhood Māori language immersion education) and Kura Kaupapa Māori (Māori language immersion education in primary and secondary schooling).

Viv Rogers, Deputy Chief Executive – Operations and Performance

Viv leads the Operations and Performance Wāhanga, which is responsible for the support functions of Media Services, the Library, the Student Resources Centre, Finance, the Information Resource Group, Human Resources and Enrolment Services.

Marg McLeod, Deputy Chief Executive – Ako

Marg is responsible for curriculum delivery, learning and teaching and the school’s transition by 2018 from paper and PDF-based resources to interactive online environments for learners. Marg is also responsible for leading the implementation of Te Kura’s Māori Student Success Framework.

Te Rina Leonard, Deputy Chief Executive – Research, Evaluation and Design

Te Rina is leading a programme of work that will put Te Kura is in an optimal position to respond to the needs of students, families and whanau in a contestable environment. This includes evaluating and reviewing the effectiveness of current Te Kura programmes and recommending future directions and improvements, researching future digital opportunities and developing a strategy for future implementation, developing a cross school model to facilitate Te Kura’s interaction with communities of learning and developing a customer relationship management strategy for Te Kura.

Regan Dooley, Chief Advisor, Strategy

Regan provides strategic advice on a range of education and other issues, including policy development, risk management and legislative compliance. He also manages the school's communications functions and responds to information requests and complaints. Regan keeps Te Kura’s planning and reporting activities on track, ensuring that they contribute to enhanced school performance in teaching and learning, student engagement and ultimately student achievement. He also provides advice and support to the Board of Trustees.