Students must meet the entry criteria for one of the registration gateways that are set out in the Ministry of Education’s enrolment policy. If the entry criteria is met, state and state-integrated schools, partnership schools, kura hourua and private schools may register Year 1–15 domestic students with Te Kura for government-funded dual tuition.

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Does your student meet the criteria?

Schools of any size are able to register students with Te Kura under the following circumstances.

  • A school has only a small number of students studying a subject at Year 12 or 13 levels.
  • A Year 913 student has transferred from another school. The dual enrolment provides subjects started during the same year at their previous face-to-face school.
  • A student is gifted and talented and their home school is unable to provide the curriculum enrichment and acceleration required. These applications must be supported by a current Individual Education Plan (IEP), which is less than six months old (this may be developed with Te Kura in anticipation of an application).
  • A principal of a school that is unable to offer Māori language tuition may apply to the Ministry of Education to register Year 7–8 students for dual tuition at all levels of te reo Māori. This gateway allows students who have transferred from a Māori medium school or from a school offering level 1 immersion to receive dual tuition in te reo Māori.
  • A student is on an approved cultural exchange in New Zealand, and requires the subjects on return to the country that they are from and the subject is not available in their New Zealand home school. This applies to up to two subjects.
  • A student who has a demonstrated family or cultural affinity with a particular ethnic group requires tuition in that language.
  • A school has an emergency staff vacancy and no suitable applicants are available (for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of one term).

Please note that regional health schools are able to register students with high health needs.

Under the ‘subject not available’ gateway secondary schools with fewer than 600 students can register students with Te Kura in up to four subjects. This gateway applies for subjects not offered at the dual enrolling school, or that are not available in that school’s language of tuition (e.g. English or te reo Māori).

Schools, special schools and government institutions are able to register students for specialist programming or curriculum adaptation.

For special schools and government institutions, the following criteria must apply.

  • Dual tuition must be essential to the student’s learning circumstances.
  • The special school or institution does not have the capability to meet the learning needs identified.
  • The capability required is beyond what could reasonably be expected of the school or institution.

For schools, the student’s programme must be developed in association with Te Kura and contribute to overcoming barriers to achievement as identified in the student’s individual education plan, and to the inclusion of the student in the registering school.

Schools or institutions receiving this supplementary dual tuition support are expected to undertake a programme of development so they are able to independently provide the specialist programme or curriculum adaptation required.

Domestic and international students may be registered with Te Kura on a fee-paying basis. The fee is charged to the enrolling school. Refer to our fees schedule for more information. You can complete the enrolment application form online.