Dual students must be re-registered each year. Dual student registrations open in November/December for the following year. We suggest that primary dual enrolment applications are submitted early to help ensure that students are fully registered for the start of term 1.

Once you have determined that your student is eligible to be registered with us, there are a few things we require before you are able to register them through our Te Kura Enrolment System (TES).

Dual Provider Partnership Agreement

Your school must first accept our Dual Provider Partnership Agreement. Renewed annually, this agreement sets out your responsibilities, and ours, for ensuring students get the most out of their studies with Te Kura. Please ensure your school’s principal and principal’s nominee have read this document before registering students with us.

Ensure your student is registered at the appropriate level

When submitting enrolment applications, check to ensure your student is being registered at the appropriate curriculum level. For example, a learning support student who is working at New Zealand Curriculum Level 1 must be registered in Te Kura learning support subjects in order to receive resources at that level. If the student is working at New Zealand Curriculum Level 2 or 3, the application should be for the ‘000’ code subjects when applying for a Year 9–13 remedial enrolment. If the application is for a Year 1–8 student, the Primary subjects (PR code) should be applied for.

If you’re at all unsure about which curriculum level or course to choose, talk to a Te Kura subject teacher, senior teacher or contact your regional relationship coordinator.

Mandatory information

Useful information to include

Using the Te Kura Enrolment System

You need to register students using our Te Kura Enrolment System (TES). Our TES user guides and videos provide information about the tools and data available to you. Among other things, they show you how to:

More information

For registration or eligibility enquiries, contact our Enrolment Services team on 0800 65 99 88 and select 1, email or contact your region’s relationship coordinator.