Big Picture / Authentic Learning

Te Kura’s authentic learning approach explores your interests and passions and helps you set goals for life beyond school that form the basis of your unique learning plan.

As part of our authentic learning for students in Years 11 to 13 and young adults, you’ll have the chance to work alongside adults in your field of interest and to build knowledge, understanding and skills in that area, as well as work towards a relevant qualification.

You may also have opportunities to work with other students online and face to face.

When a student has a passion we are not limited by a timetable and bells. The students can fully immerse themselves in their passion, create an inquiry/project around it, then dedicate the whole day, week or term learning in that context.

Jasen, Te Kura teacher

‘Real-life’ learning

Examples of authentic learning include:

Learn in your community

Your Te Kura learning advisor will help you to identify your interests and any opportunities in your community where you could take up an internship or Gateway placement, or if available a Huarahi secondary-tertiary programme

Examples of internship placements include a:

You’ll be supported in your learning by your learning advisor and a workplace mentor, as well as your supervisor and whānau.

Find out more

If you’re interested in discussing your authentic learning at Te Kura, talk with your learning advisor.