2018 NCEA Registration & Payment

Students studying NCEA courses this year must submit an NCEA registration and pay a 2018 NCEA fee.

Start your registration and payment here

Please be aware

What’s the deadline?

Please complete all steps of your NCEA registration as soon as possible before the date on the instructions sent to you.

Got some questions?

Click here for frequently asked questions, including how much to pay. Please read these before you contact us.

Sitting end of year exams?

You’ll need permission from a secondary school to confirm you can sit all your exams there. The online instructions will tell you what you’ll need to do.

Sitting the MCAT?

The deadline to submit your registration is 25 July.

Intend on enrolling at a university or other tertiary provider mid-year?

Immediately contact our Qualifications team as there are special instructions you’ll need to follow.

Studying at a face-to-face secondary school

If you study with us but are also a student at a face-to-face secondary school, your NCEA registration and payment will be managed by your own school.

Need help?

Please contact our Qualifications team.

Freephone (NZ only)0800 65 99 88 Option 3
Overseas64 4 473 6841 Option 3