Get exploring

Your child will use a secure online learning space to access some of their learning resources and connect with teachers. We’ve called our online learning space My Te Kura.

Online learning uses a mix of online and offline activities. Your child will be asked to explore their world, not just sit in front of a screen. We use a variety of resources in distance learning to help your child learn about themselves and their world.

My Te Kura

You and your child will be using the My Early Childhood course in My Te Kura. You’ll get an automated email to let you know when your child has been enrolled in their course.

You will log in for your child using a unique ID and password. Within My Early Childhood you are able to interact with teachers, access content to work alongside your child and collect evidence of learning.

You can log in by hovering over the link at the top right-hand corner of the page and selecting My Te Kura.

Username: Student ID number
Password: Student ID number (You’ll be asked to set a new password.)

If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, click on the ‘forgot password’ link at the bottom of the login screen.

A password reset link will be sent to the email address you gave to us.

The internet and other digital technologies offer education and social benefits to you and your child. It’s also important to be aware of the risks. We encourage you to talk to your child about the safe use of the internet on a regular basis. Being aware of the risks enables children to make safer decisions when they are using digital channels.

Being a responsible digital citizen involves:

  • protecting personal information online
  • behaving responsibly towards other online
  • managing potentially risky situations
  • judging the credibility of material found on the internet.

There is information for parents about cybersafety and online behaviour on the Netsafe website.


You’ll get an automated email to let you know when your child has been enrolled in the My Early Childhood course. Your child’s teacher will be in touch to talk about how online learning can be used in your child’s individual learning plan.

You’ll regularly be posted a range of learning resources that are personalised for your child’s interests and learning needs. Many of these posted resources are for you to keep, but books and some other activities, for example, wooden puzzles, are to be returned. We will make it clear which resources are for you to keep and which to return.

  • We recommend returning posted resources after 4-6 weeks. Check which resources need to be returned from your child’s posting, contact your teachers if unsure.
  • Check that resources to be returned are clean and intact.
  • To prevent damage, please put the resources in the green plastic bags before putting them in the posting bags.
  • Complete feedback, including photos, video and artwork for your teachers.
  • Use the address sheet provided, making sure the freepost address details for Te Kura are clearly visible.

Parent resources include information about:

  • child development
  • ideas for activities and experiences for your child.

Our parent resources are designed to support your child’s learning throughout their time on our programme and we ask you to refer back to them as your child shows news interests and understanding.

Young children need lots of practice and repetition, so use the ideas again and again. You will notice a difference in the way your child approaches an activity a two and when they do it again at six.

Our library resources are available to early childhood students, their parents and their supervisors. The library has books, DVDs, magazines and audiobooks for loan.

Learn more about how to join the library and search the catalogue in My Study.