Student reports

Supervisors for full-time and fee-paying students are able to log in and view your students' report.

How to view student reports

If you’re the supervisor of a full-time or fee-paying student, log in by entering the email address you provided on enrolment as the username and selecting ‘supervisor’ as the user type. If you’re a supervisor with multiple students, you’ll see a list of all your students. Click on 'View' for each student’s name to see their report.

When logging into the reports portal for the first time, you’ll be asked to select and confirm a password. Choose something you’ll remember but which won’t be easy for anyone else to guess.

Once logged in, you will see the option to click on 'Help' which provides instructions on how to use the system.

If you would like to generate a copy of the full report for printing, then click on 'Reporting' and choose '2017 – MYR' from the drop-down options.

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What you’ll see when you log in

Reports for full-time and fee-paying students include comments from each of the students’ learning advisor and any subject teachers. You’ll also see details of any worked returned during the year, along with any NCEA standards and the results.