My Te Kura access

Supervisors of full-time, fee-paying and young adult students enrolled in our online courses are able to access our online learning environment (My Te Kura). This lets you see what your student is required to do as part of their course.

Viewing course content

You can view the course content to monitor your student’s work return by viewing the My Te Kura dropbox for each course your student is enrolled in. Please note, you will not be able to submit items to the dropbox or open any items to view.

Setting up access

To access My Te Kura, you need to log in with a user name and password. You can request these from Te Kura by emailing the Hub. Please include your full name and the ID number of your student when making a request. If you have more than one student enrolled with Te Kura, you only need to provide the ID number for one of them.

Learning how to use My Te Kura

Supervisors and students can get started in My Te Kura by having a look at the Introduction to My Te Kura course. This course has information and resources specifically developed for students and their supervisors working in My Te Kura, including:

More information

More details about My Te Kura, including a video tutorial, can be found in Learn With Us.